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100-word Story of Love: The Answer

Do I still love you? 

This thought is wringing my heart.

I never know the answer.

Before, it’s easy to know. But now, I just cringed with the thought.

How did I love you?

You’re smart back then.

You always know what words to enthuse me.

But why do your words agitate me now.

You’re everyone’s dream.

But why do you become nightmarish?

I think I know the answer, and it’s…

“I hear what you’re thinking my child. Why so anxious?”

“You… can… hear me?”

“Yes. Always. Coz I’m God. I’m here. Just trust me.”

“I now know the answer”


Seconds And Minutes Are Better Than Years

Seconds. And you opened the door. Seconds. And you were stunning. Seconds. And I lost my breath. Then you said, “Hey there? It’s been a long time.”

Seconds. And I went back to that “long time”. You were so kind and gentle back then. You never made me feel uneasy. You just smiled every time and I felt assured that everything’s okay. You never get tired of my stories whom no one ever cared to hear about. Coz for you, it’s a part of me and you want to hear a piece of it. At least.

Sigh. And you caught me off guard.

Seconds. Then I went back to “now”. You were already seated and you smiled again. That smile I wish to see every day. That smile I wish to be the reason of.

Minutes. We talked. You were just calm. Like you talked because I asked. You talked coz we need to keep up the conversation. But deep inside I yearned a lot.

Minutes. You were gone. But I was happy. And that I need to let go. Let go of those years I never chose to lose my grip with.

Thanks for the seconds and minutes. Coz I learned to get rid of the years. You never cared anyway.

100 words of stupidity

It all started when he greeted, “Hi!” with a sunny smile.

And I replied “Hey” plainly.

He’s full of vim while we talked that day. I just can’t keep up.

So just when I engaged myself to the convo… “So I’m…”

He just immediately turned away and left.

Just imagine how he’s so stupid and mean since then.

Yet we need to be friends, unfortunately.

So we felt accidentally familiar and comfortable with each other. And we’re worst.

We’re disrespectful, opinionated, demanding, and relentless.

All happened in 10 months.

Yet we call it camaraderie. We enjoy. We just don’t care.


Second: Lives

When they separated ways…

Jerry walked alone in going home. Still wearing the smile he could not mind to stop.

"Huh!" He rubbed his lower jaw. "Hope I won’t be having a locked-jaw by this. Tsk. Superwoman" He laughed and thought again of that ‘She-could-carry-a-pail-wow’ girl. 

Then he arrived home. But his mood changed when he suddenly tensed as he stood near his parent’s bedroom…

"Why do you have to go Bert? Why? Coz of that good for nothing woman again? Huh?" Jerry heard his mom shouted as he peeped through the half-closed door of the bedroom, seeing his parents’ shadows. Fully animated. Quarelling again. The same as before.

"It’s not working Melinda! Can’t you see? We can’t even talk properly coz of your pride! You can’t even let me explain! You’re always talking about women I don’t even know or met in my entire life! And I’m sick of it! We have to end this. Enough of YOU! Enough of this MARRIAGE!" exclaimed his father as he zipped close his luggage. And everything was silent immediately. 



Melinda felt the pain slithering in her broken heart. It was excruciating. Then she flashbacked the 20 years of their marriage. They were supposed to be happy. They were supposed to be fine. But they didn’t know what happened. And that’s it. Maybe space could help them know the reason why.

"How about our children Bert?" was all she could manage to say after processing the word END.

"I’m always thinking about them Melinda. That’s why we need THIS. We’re both lost. Thus, we could not lead our own children. That’s what I don’t want to happen." Bert justified.

Then they both cried as Melinda burrowed her head to Bert’s chest.

"And this is my life. I am broken. I’m not at all happy." Jerry whispered as he slowly went to his room. Closed the door as he saw before his very eyes how his family, he loved the most, slowly withering away with the wind. Gone…

And Nelly put the pail on the bathroom..

"Ugh!" Nelly almost knelt down to the ground when she placed the pail inside the bathroom. 

"Why it’s so heavy now? Oh c’mon!" She protested to herself. Adrenaline brought by ‘Jerry’ guy already expired my dear . Her own sarcastic subconcsious again. Insisting. Such a busybody. Ringing on her head.  

"Nelly. Stop thinking about Je.." Jerry. "Ugh! C’mon Nelly. You are not supposed to be overwhelmed. He’s just like other guys out there. Checking your weakness. Then making you fall without catching. It’s a DECOY Nelly! A TRAP. Don’t be ridiculous!" she blurted out. As you say so senyora.

"Hey! You talking with yourself again Nels?" Felipe, his father asked as he looked very curios.

"Not literally pops! Ah hey I’ve already filled our drum. You and momsie can now take a bath." She offered.

"No Nels. You got a class. It’s already 6:30 in the morning. You might be late again."

"Ah no really pops. It’s okay. Really. You…"

"What took you so long Nelly?! I’ve been waiting here for almost an hour already! I’m late with my work! So indolent! Useless!" Celia, her mother blurted to her.

"Celia.. You should not shout at her. You really know the pump is far from here." her father justified.

"Why you just can’t provide our own so we’ll not be all in such delay here?!?"

"Dear, you know we can’t for now. What I’m trying to say is…"

Here we go again.

"Ah momsie. Go ahead. I’ll just prepare the food for the two of you and for my siblings" Nelly intervened. She didn’t want to hear this again. A chaos out of the blue. It’s not worth it to start a day.

"Right! Make yourself of use!" her mother snapped as she shut the door of the bathroom.

Then her father patted his hand over her shoulder. Instead of feeling her father’s comfort, she felt pain. She felt the elusive love. The love she can never get from her mom.

"This is my life. I’m not broken. But not quite happy." And she just looked at the sunrise. She was delighted though of Mr. Sun slowly coming out of the gloomy day. It means HOPE for her. That everything will change someday. Someday….

It was the second. Their lives. Their different lives..

First: Spark

Let me tell you a story…

One gloomy day in small town, a girl fetched water from the pump. She tried to fill the pail which was surely heavier than her. She had no choice but to do it. When she saw the pail was about to be filled, she stopped. She looked above and marvelled at the gray sky.

She sighed and said, “What is life ahead of me?” Then she looked at her reflection on the pail full of water. She really knew she was a girl full of dreams but full of “what-if’s”. It was normal. She’s only 14 years old. Everything was still blurry just like the ripple of the water as she touched it. 

She carried the pail with all her might. But she just can’t. As I’ve said, it was heavier than her weight. Then there was a group of boys who walked behind her. One of the boys saw her and offered her his help. 

"Do you mind if I’ll carry that for you Miss? That is surely heavy. Let me d…"

And as they looked at each other, they knew there was something. Something unusual. Something new. A spark. It was like a stranger in their systems. Something beyond comprehesion. 

The girl first snapped back to reality and back to her senses. She then resisted the offer of the boy.

"Ahh No. ahh.. yeah I do mind. Ahh No really it’s fine ..I .. I’m fine. I mean I can handle this one. Thanks but no thanks." 

Then maybe because of her adrenaline, she managed to carry the pail surprisingly. And the boy was surprised as well. He thought, “We got a superwoman here” Then a curve was forming in his lips. A smile. He was delighted of her.

He just looked at her for ahwile as he saw this girl he thought was a superwoman. Then, recalled again the feeling of spark he never felt before. It was something electrifying. It was something he wanted to feel every second. It was like an escape.

And so before he forgot the feeling, he shouted, “Hey superwoman! I mean, hey, what’s your name!?”

The girl just stopped but didn’t turn her back and didn’t reply to the boy. Then she continued walking.

Instead, the boy just shouted his own name. “Oh nice name! I’m Jerry! Nice meeting you!”

She still continued walking and never turned back. And the boy turned his back as well.

But the girl, who was still surprised of herself of how she carried the pail, thought of the boy again. Thought of the feeling. Thought of the spark too. And she grinned. She liked the feeling she didn’t even understand. But his name was a mantra to her since then. “Jerry :)” She whispered.

It was the first <3

(To be continued…)

100-word story: JUST ANOTHER YOU

I was about to sleep when someone knocked at my door.

“Who’s that? It’s already late!” I snapped.

Well. I have no choice. I’ve really gotta go downstairs.

So I reached for the door and was surprised of who’s in front of me now.

“Macky?!? What a surprise!!” I exclaimed.

She just grinned. Weird.

Well, she’s my bestfriend, the weirdness is an exception.

“Come inside!” I cheered.

“Missed you Arbee…” She whispered

“Yeah?” I marvelled.

The way she said that, it’s just..

Oh! My phone’s ringing..

“Hello? Who’s this?”

“Arbee! It’s me, Macky!! Missed you girl! How are you?”



“I do not know which is more annoying, the real Goodfellow or the reflection.” “Well, considering they are one and the same,” ― Julie Kagawa, The Iron Knight

100-Word Story: AGAIN

I stiffened when I saw him right where I left him that night. 

Three years ago.

On the swing where I held his cold hand for the last time.

When in every reply he had always caught me off guard.

Memories rushed. Fresher. Nostalgia.

 But what was he doing there? 

 I went near to him.

  “H..Hi..”   Did my voice just break? Oh great! 

 Then he turned to me with his deep brown eyes which used to engulf me in enchantment. 

 “Could you warm my hand again just like that ‘night’?”

 That reply … Guess he’ll always caught me off guard.

a 100-word story of love <3

“Do you believe in fairytales?” I asked.


“Yes I do.” He replied.


“But, how come?”


Then he glared at me and went closer until our noses pat together. I felt a bit uneasy so I kinda moved backwards. And I kinda felt awkward already. But he went closer still and brushed his hand towards my hair. Then he pointed the stars above us.


“Look at those stars. I sent them a wish. And they perfectly made this night for me. I’m with a princess who made my heart beats slow and fast at the same time. Isn’t this a fairytale?”

The Crib Of My Voice

The moment i stopped hanging out with my band, i felt i lost music.. and i was never been happy since then.. yeah i listened to music, any genre.. but nothing beats what i feel when i’m singing and jamming with my band, it’s priceless..

but then, i just can’t revive the past.. it has ended and that i should start anew.. i searched for something where i can still sing and feel the music the way i felt when i was still in the band. and so i found ALLEGRO CHORALE.. 

the first time i stepped for an audition, i felt the revival of the real jellys.. the girl who’s so fond of music. the girl who’s heart is flaming with happiness.. and i was so happy i’m an official member.. 

for almost four years in my college life, i’m singing with all my might.. singing with dedication and happiness.. i’m always excited meeting new members in the group.. it means new friends, new acquaintances, new challenge..

but then, i know the group was never perfect, it underwent many challenges, discriminations, trials, sufferings and all.. but the group grew stronger everyday.. the bond is always and always there.. we are always holding on to our aim.. 

when we are winning every competition, i’m in such delight.. it’s like whew! so a heaven.. i’m so contented..

and this year is my last year with them, and i’m happy leaving them and waving goodbye.. coz my goodbye is my symbol of gratitude—unending gratitude.. they filled my life with music.. 



That Feeling ♥


Have you already felt that feeling? When you’ll just stop for a moment, then find yourself smiling. And you’ll kinda think, “what’s that feeling?” Then you just can’t describe it, but you feel elated. It’s like you only wanted that feeling to stay with you. But still you’re confuse about it. It’s confusing right? HAHAHAHA.. Nahh, you’ll just laugh for that feeling… Ahhh, that feeling.. Yeah, you kinda see it now.. I’m also feeling that right now.. hahaha.. And it’s a very ecstatic feeling, and i won’t lose my grip even for once.. :)

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