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Heyyyyyy! Happiest birthday to you my everrr handsome, math geek, intelligent, loving, caring, strict, shy, cute, charming, and thin youngest brother. Wish you all nothing but the best in life! Always remember that we always support and love you no matter what. Padayon sa pag uswag swing. Study hard kay mag engineer bya ka. (And dli na mag cgeg dulag Miscrits ha) I love you to the moon and back! :* God bless you more than you are right now! ♥ @joshwingggg

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And I was so shocked when Aquino said that out of 8,000 classrooms to be built this year (DepEd’s Target), only 12 were constructed. Woah. How are they going to make it up in just 5months? Naka budget na na ah. Kaluoy tawun sa mga bata. Di na katarong ug tuon kai nang-guot na sa classroom. :/

Sometimes I love to think I’m part of the universe. That soon I’d disintegrate, scatter, refract then glimmer like lights in the night sky. Can’t be touched. Can’t be reached. Just seen above. Anticipated by others. Yet never be forgotten.

I have stars within. That’s cosmic perspective. Hopeless thoughts. So let’s sleep my dear. Lol ;)

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