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100-word Story of Love: The Answer

Do I still love you? 

This thought is wringing my heart.

I never know the answer.

Before, it’s easy to know. But now, I just cringed with the thought.

How did I love you?

You’re smart back then.

You always know what words to enthuse me.

But why do your words agitate me now.

You’re everyone’s dream.

But why do you become nightmarish?

I think I know the answer, and it’s…

“I hear what you’re thinking my child. Why so anxious?”

“You… can… hear me?”

“Yes. Always. Coz I’m God. I’m here. Just trust me.”

“I now know the answer”


Just wanna say congratulations to my grade 7 students who performed well during the Spelling Contest. You surely followed my pieces of advice. Most especially, congratulations to Hearthy, Louie and Celine who made it to the Semi-Final Round of Spelling Beedahan Challenge. I’m so proud of you! All our mind-cracking spelling reviews were worth it! Keep it up guys! It will still be a long whirlwind journey! More words to come! ;)
#Spelling #Spedians #GSCSPED

Oh ha! Effort ni. Kita kog larawang kupas! 2012 pa ni! Hahaha. Oiii bit Malipayong Adlaw’ng Natawhan kanimo! Padayon sa pag-uswag. Kung unsa man ng ginahandum nmu sa imung kinabuhi, maau untag mahitabo. Pro ayaw kabalaka kay ang Ginoo maayo mu-timing sa tnan. Salig ra! Ug unta di ka mag bag-o kay kapuyan pd ug adjust ang uban nmu noh kng mag bag-o ka dba? Hahaaha joke! Di btaw, pag binut-an sa kanunay bit. Ug salamat sa tanan! (Bisaya ni para intense) hahaha. Hinaot unta nga magmalipayon ka ni-ining adlawa. :D @ajhooong
P.S. wa ko kasabot sa atong mga nawong hahaha

Sa klase, naay cgeg kaon..
Me: Class, be sure that when you’re eating, you better share ya know. (Pa joke gud)
Minutes later…
S1: Cher, imo na ni cher oh
S2: Kani pud cher oh
S3: Kani pa cher oh

Bang, ug naa na daun koi Mangosteen, Crinkles ug Lanzones.
HAHAHAHA. Anyways, thanks SPA Class! :)

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